Your Chance to Change the World

Welcome to Christian Life Ministries! Uganda is a country that has been ripped apart by pandemics, wars and brutal regimes in the past.

In the wake of this, a growing population of African children are filling its streets.

These young lives need something other than food and shelter; they need hope, they need quality education to have a chance at life.

Christian Life Ministries is providing that.

You can help. You can give a child scholarship and sponsor their education. You can make a difference. We can show you how.

Building Schools That Empowers Young Students to Become Future Leaders.

Christian Life Ministries is making a lasting change in the lives of young people. Today, we have constructed 2 schools 1 Primary school and 1 High school) that are impacting young lives. Our goal is to add more space to our 1400 student school by the end of 2020. With your help, we can do this and more. Our short-term vision is to provide education to 3000 students and prepare them to be transformation agents across Africa and beyond. Our long-term goal is to build a college to ensure our success in transforming today’s young people into tomorrow’s leaders is continued.

You Provide the Building. We Provide quality education.

Each floor of the school costs $375,000 and will accommodate 750 students.

If You Can’t Sponsor the Building, hen Give a scholarship to a student.

It costs about $2,063 a year to give education to each of these high school students, with boarding fees, food and medical included.

In addition to the necessary funds to build the school, we need people willing to sponsor the ongoing maintenance costs. For just $100 a month, your regular donation can pay for repairs, painting and more.

If you would like to be a sponsor in any area of this strategic school, click here. Or contact us today at sponsors@christianlifeministries.org.

Our Current Project: Code High School

Code high school is located north of beautiful Lake Victoria, less than an hour from Uganda’s capital. We have built this caring, little community where the needs are the greatest.

In order to steer the school towards minimum operational costs, the school charges affordable tuition to parents with means to afford this discounted tuition structure (compared to other strong schools) but the school gives free education to poor children and orphans who would love to have quality education but unable to afford it.

If you would like to offer a scholarship for a child and change their destiny please, click here. Or contact us today at donations@christianlifeministires.org.

A Glimpse of Our Current Project:
The High School Campus