Pastor Jackson Senyonga

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A Transformative Vision.

Jackson Senyonga is founder and president of Christian Life Ministries. Jackson is a Ugandan native, a husband to a beautiful woman named Eve and the father of three beautiful, healthy children.  The Senyonga kids enjoy the security of having a father who is always there to shape their character, support their dreams, and hold them in his embrace. These children also know the blessing of having a mother who is healthy and attentive to their every need. But not all Ugandan children are so fortunate. Thousands of these African children have lost both father and mother to war, famine and pandemics. They are the orphans of Uganda who Jackson Senyonga has included in his embrace.

Jackson knows their pain. He was abandoned in Uganda by his mother at three months of age. His father was murdered by the brutal henchmen of Idi Amin. Jackson has personally shared in the plight these orphans of Uganda experience each and everyday. Plus, he understands intuitively the one thing these young men and women need most of all… Hope.

Since 2002, Christian Life Ministries has help build 88 orphan homes in two separate Ugandan villages. Jackson has plans on the drawing board to build another 100 homes and a vision to build 500 in all. To create a sense of family, each home is designed to house no more than 12 children. But African orphans require more than a roof over their heads. They require a dream kindled in their hearts. Therefore, each home is under the oversight of a caring, nurturing house mom. The house moms are widows – this gives the house moms an opportunity to get off the streets and gives them hope. Each house parent undergoes thorough screening and training to make sure every orphan receives parental love, care, and discipline. What’s more, every child receives quality health care, education and vocational skills.

Jackson Senyonga has been building orphan home after orphan home in his commitment to move these abandoned children from being today’s orphans to becoming tomorrow’s leaders. This transformation is already taking place in hundreds of lives. Your gifts can make sure this transformation continues.

As a sponsor of a Christian Life Ministries, you can extend Jackson’s vision to countless orphans in Uganda and beyond. Let us show you how.

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