Top TV

TOP TV is a Christian television station dedicated to spreading the glory of God not only in Uganda but to the entire world. We are determined to:

  • Instill morals in the society
  • Create awareness socially, politically, economically and spiritually
  • Promote young people’s talents, e.g., music, dance and drama
  • Give television value versus showing pornography, teaching violence, immorality, etc.

Our Background:

By 1999, there were four television stations in Uganda. TOP TV came into the limelight in mid 2002 with the goal of giving a positive face to television. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about what their children watch on television when the parents can’t be there every minute to control what their children are viewing.

TOP TV is part of Christian Life Ministries. Jackson Senyonga is the Managing Director of TOP TV as well as Senior Pastor of Christian Life Church and founder of Christian Life Ministries (CLM).

The station started in 2000 without live broadcasting studios. At that time, only pre-recorded materials (programs) were broadcasted from our transmitter station in Kololo (a section of Kampala).

Now, our station is equipped with state-of-the-art broadcasting technology. Our multi-use studios make it possible for local artists to record music videos and television dramas. We ensure that such recordings and programs are morally sound.
TOP TV transmits its interactive and non-interactive programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to various parts of Uganda from our broadcasting base in Kampala.

TOP TV Statistics:

  • Year of Establishment: 2000
  • Broadcasting Via: Satellite and Air
  • Broadcasting Standards: PAL
  • Hours per day: 24 hours
  • Ownership: 100% Christian Life Ministries
  • Coverage: 70% of the country
  • Broadcasting Language: Luganda, English and Swahili
  • Program Sources: 85% in-house, 15% foreign
  • Other Sources: Skynet TV, DW, Wonderful and CNN

Our audience is comprised of people from all ages and various races. TOP TV does not discriminate against age or race. Therefore it’s the only station in the country where there are no parental guidance programs.

Most families have chosen TOP TV as their station of choice due to our dynamic programs that are educational, informative, empowering and entertaining.

Mr. and Mrs. Kyambadde of Bunga Fashions Wear say that TOP TV is the only television station where you can sit and watch with the children and never be embarrassed by anything.

Mrs. Mulira of Muyenga says that TOP TV has not only helped her, but has taught her entire family how to pray, through the “Pray Uganda Program,” as well as how to fight their spiritual battles effectively.

People have learned a lot by watching programs aired on TOP TV. Many people now know how to look after their health through family health programs which tackle health related issues, such as malaria prevention, looking after pregnant women, and good nutrition. As a result, the mortality rate has been reduced, miscarriages have been reduced, and hygiene has greatly improved in families.

TOP TV has created new employment opportunities. The families of TOP TV employees are enjoying a better economic lifestyle.

We believe that our positive programming has helped the moral climate of the nation and results in the reduction of crimes such as rape, murder, theft, robbery and other related activities.

Becoming more spiritually wise, many people have learned how to fight their spiritual battles, how to live for God, how to raise God-fearing families and finally, how to build a nation that is God-fearing.

Our Background

TOP (Tower of Praise) Radio, is a non-profit company founded in Uganda, East Africa, on Bible based principles by Pastor Jackson Senyonga and his wife Eve in April 1998.

TOP Radio has its offices in the heart of the city of Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

Mission Statement

To provide social, economic, political and educational programs based on Biblical principles and family values as well as providing Christian based music and entertainment.


To see the people of Uganda living fulfilled lives in Jesus Christ. Living life above and beyond natural limitations.