He is Risen,
He is Risen indeed!!
Easter at Christian Life Church was nothing short of a celebration. Celebrating the life of Jesus and particularly his resurrection. Our Children’s Choir (pictured above) was such a blessing this year as they led us in praise and in worship of our King.  This day has nothing to do with the chocolate Easter eggs – but images of Christ on the cross. The mood and feeling was that of atonement – reflecting on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
For some, it was a time of personal reflection too – trying to find a reconciliation with God – remembering God’s covenant with humankind especially as manifested through the life, suffering and death of Jesus.  The ladies of the house that didn’t attend church were putting the final touches on the much anticipated big meal of the day which consisted of having some meat as well as the usual beans and matoke (steamed plantains).  Those that could, put on a big family or village feast that included singing, drumming and dancing.
It was great day and a great reminder of how much we are loved.