Stages of a growing of the person, from the child to the adult

What makes CLM stand-out?

There are many ministries and organizations raising money for orphans in Africa. Many of them are doing a great job at raising the funds to care for the children of Uganda. However, the unique differences with Christian Life Ministries is that our program and villages are innovative solutions in the transformation of Uganda. The vision of Pastor Jackson, who experienced personal tragedy as a youngster has grown to personally dedicate his life to see the positive transformation of his country. We are caring for our children’s basic and educational needs. They are provided, shelter, clothing, food, medical care and education until they are able to become participants in the economy thus transforming them into the future leaders of Uganda.

Many people will ask us how long or at what age do we stop caring for them? Many people have a mindset that once they graduate or turn 18, that our job is done as far as supporting them and they can get a job and make it on their own. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and we have made it our goal to support the individual until they are able to be self-sustaining and make a contribution to the economy. At CLM, we are truly looking to transform a nation by raising up leaders. Many of the children, because of the nature of their upbringing, aren’t given the opportunity to start school until many years after the status quo, consequently they will remain in school until later in life. Also, we encourage the children to stay in school and move onto college so that they can get a higher education and really be candidates to make a difference in careers that can afford them to be part of the transformative nature of the program. Just like in the U.S., a high school graduate isn’t guaranteed a thriving career or the ability to support themselves. Our position is that of if we stop supporting them after they graduate high school and they do not have an opportunity to move onto higher education, that all the support and care we gave them all the years they were growing up was for not. It isn’t enough to become true leaders and make the changes necessary in this desperate nation.

Through our program CLM is transforming impoverished and homeless widows into productive citizens and mothers; Orphan and impoverished children into productive future leaders that will one day create jobs for others; transforming a poor deprived nation into a healthy, productive nation.

So what makes CLM stand-out? The bottom-line… we desire to transform a nation, not just feed, clothe and shelter children as they grow up.