Pursuing Self-SusCLM Times April2016-PG1 72dpitenance

In early 2015, through the provisions God had given you to give us, we were able to complete the construction of our Primary School, “Life Day and Boarding Primary School”. We have been praying and striving for self-sustenance since God laid it on our hearts and began to provide the means to put brick and mortar together.

Self-sustenance can be achieved by maintaining an attractive, well-respected, operationally sound and revenue generating institution. As we continue to care for the needs of orphan and impoverished children, we also continue to recruit and enroll tuition expending students from neighboring villages.

Our goal to reach self-sustenance at the Primary school, as well as at the Secondary school now, necessitates that we must maintain a 70:30 ratio of tuition expending students to orphan and impoverished students.

We are thrilled to report that the majority of the students standing in assembly here are new tuition expending students.

We are so thankful for His perfect timing. It took a couple years to get the school to completion and then to bring forth this type of achievement, but through the process we remain expectant that God has mighty things planned for our children, our ministry and our schools. Please continue to pray that God provides the means for us to ultimately accomplish self-sustenance at the Primary School as we move forth in the next phases of opening our Secondary Campus.