web-uganda1021Education expands a child’s mind. The more educational opportunities a child is exposed to, the more knowledge and skills he/she will obtain. Education will expose a child to a variety of people, topics, and experiences. Students will learn about things that interest them. Growth and development will occur in many areas, including decision-making, analytical awareness, reasoning, creative expression, verbal expression, and more.

To get the most out of a good education, children need to go to school every day. School attendance has a major influence on educational outcomes.  Students who attend school regularly are more likely to achieve better results at school and are more likely to complete their schooling.  Our goal is to keep our children in school everyday from primary school through college.  So many children in Uganda miss days, weeks, months and years of school due to the lack of funding or to work and help take care of the family needs.  Our program at CLM is designed to ensure they receive consistent education so that they can be agents  of change once they become of age to influence the economy.

Education is so important for a child as it opens up doors. The more education our children get, the more choices and opportunities they will have. With an education, our children have more options, which often leads to greater success and joy in life.  It allows our children to choose a career and will enable them to achieve their dreams.

Education can help our children improve the community. Going to college will help teach them how to make a difference in the community. During college, they can learn about laws and resources that affect the community. After graduating from college, they can apply this knowledge and skills to better the neighborhood and the people around them. As a college graduate, they will also serve as a role model for others in the community.

Our children heading off to college is where we really see the fruition of our mission taking place.  The orphans of yesterday taking their final steps to be the transforming leaders of the future Uganda.

Continue to pray for these students as they embark on something so great and satisfying, that they may have a peace and comfort knowing that the next term, whether it be in Primary or Secondary School or College, that it will further equip them to make a difference and lead a nation towards transformation.