Corporate Level Scholarships

Did You Know?

Only 16% of the male population finishes secondary school.

Sponsor a Child, Change a Life. Sponsor a Village, Change a Nation.

Imagine the possibilities! You can sponsor a child and change a life. You can sponsor a home and change a village. You can sponsor a village and transform a nation.

Sponsor a Child

Christian Life Ministries is transforming today’s children into tomorrow’s leaders. You can help. Rather than simply putting a roof over children’s heads, you can be a part of putting a foundation beneath their feet and wind beneath their wings. Our charity cares for the whole child: body, soul and spirit. By sponsoring a Ugandan child you will help care for him in the following ways:

• Provide 3 meals a day
• Provide shelter
• Provide medical
• Provide clothing
• Provide an education

Children of school age are provided a private school education in reading, writing and arithmetic. Older students are also given vocational training to provide the necessary skills to be a productive part of the community. These are Uganda’s future leaders – the ones who will start business and create jobs for others. Your investment today will fuel the economy of tomorrow.

But more than these very tangible benefits, your gift to Christian Life Ministries does something more. You help give these children a sense of belonging and being loved.

Your monthly support of $60.00 to $200.00 can do all this for one of our children. It is an amazingly small sum of money to change a life. Don’t you agree?

If you cannot provide a full scholarship for one of our children, you can partially sponsor a child, which means we will find additional partial sponsors so together you can fully sponsor a child.

Sponsor a Home Construction

Many corporate sponsors elect to sponsor a full house of children; others are not content unless they sponsor an entire home construction. Your monthly support can go a long way in laying the foundations for new homes and changed lives.

Each child under our care lives in a 4-room home which consists of 3 bedrooms and 1 living area. Each home has a house mother who provides daily care and raises the children in a secure, nurturing environment. Your support can build new homes, provide continuing education and much needed medical care. Sponsoring the building/construction of an entire house costs only $25,000 for a move in ready home fully built with electricity installation and everything.

Sponsor a Village

There is an old African proverb that says “It takes a village to raise a child.” Christian Life Ministries believes your corporation is a part of that village. In fact, your generous partnership can raise countless children by raising up a village. We are in the planning stages for building more homes and schools. Your giving could accelerate the process.

When you sponsor 20 house constructions or more, we dedicate a whole section of the village to you and your company (e.g., Microsoft Village).
A corporate sponsor can sponsor a group of children continuously on a monthly basis. Group sponsorships range 10 to 20 or even 50 to 100 children. Think of it! Your company can insure an education, food, clothes, medical attention and a loving home.

6,000 Reasons to be a Sponsor

Christian Life Ministries currently has 88 homes in two villages. Our master plan is to build 500 additional homes. That means…6,000 changed lives.  Will you help make this happen?

By helping Uganda’s impoverished children and widows, we are helping Uganda’s future by raising leaders and role models, controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS, and decreasing the number of future destitute children by nurturing the current generation.

As a good corporate citizen, you and your company or organization can help transform Uganda and its indigent people. Contact us today at 972-307-5433 or by email us at