Sponsor a Child

Did You Know?

130,000 children experience pediatric infections.

Change a Continent

Christian Life Ministries is transforming today’s children into tomorrow’s leaders. You can help. Rather than simply putting a roof over children’s heads, you can be a part of putting a foundation beneath their feet. Our charity cares for the whole child: body, soul and spirit. By sponsoring a Ugandan child you will help care for him in the following ways:

• Provide 3 meals a day
• Provide shelter
• Provide medical
• Provide clothing
• Provide an education

Children of school age are provided a private school education in reading, writing and arithmetic. Older students are also given vocational training to provide the necessary skills to be a productive part of the community.

But more than these very tangible benefits, your gift to Christian Life Ministries does something more. You help give these children a sense of belonging and being loved.

It takes $60/month to care for a Primary age child, $180/month to care for a Secondary age child, $120/month for a student in Trade School and $200/a month for a student in University/College. Committing to fully supporting a child or partially supporting a child, your monthly support of can do all this for one of our children. It is an amazingly small sum of money to change a life. Don’t you agree?

As a good corporate citizen, you and your company or organization can help transform Uganda and its impoverished people. Contact us today at 972-307-5433 or by email us at donations@christianlifeministries.org.