Did You Know?

Nearly half of the children in Uganda
have lost at least one parent to AIDS.

Your Help. Their Hope.

By volunteering for Christian Life Ministries, you can personally touch the lives of Africa’s disenfranchised. You can provide encouragement and consolation to countless widows, children and AIDS sufferers. But more than that, you can help lay the foundation for a new Uganda.

By giving your time at our DFW headquarters, you can help Christian Life Ministries make a lasting difference. You might even consider sending a group from your corporation or organization on a 6-day Uganda visit. We can arrange for you and your group to visit our two Villages. You can meet the kids and the house moms, visit the schools and even help with construction. These children and house moms find hope in humanity when they see the faces of those willing to help.

Become an advocate of Christian Life Ministries. We need more people in our corner to fully educate the world about the problems (and solutions) in Uganda.

You can help us connect with more sponsors and supporters. We need you to spread the word and help get children sponsored. Be creative with different ways to raise awareness within your community. You may consider hosting a house party encouraging guests to each sponsor a child or children. Maybe you want to set up a “Christian Life Ministries Club” for your community to discuss ideas of how to raise funds for this vital cause. Create a club within the local school district to get today’s generation involved and educated. Volunteer to present information on the subject to your church congregation. Write letters to your local paper or TV station in hopes for a feature spot to get more people involved.

Use your skill and heart to find ways to raise awareness and funds. Are you a muralist? Maybe the next mural on the side of that historical building downtown needs to spark conversation about the indigent people in Uganda. Hold an auction for all of your African-inspired sculptures with proceeds benefiting Christian Life Ministries. Make sure all that attend know your cause.

Maybe some event within the community would work well. A sand volleyball match, a walk-a-thon, a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, a golf classic, battle of the bands, jazz in the park…

Put on a bake sale. Have a community garage sale. The list goes on and on…

Set goals and go for it. You can raise money for:

  • Sponsoring a child for $60 to $200 per month or $720 to $2,400 per year
  • Co-sponsoring a child with another person or advocacy group for $60 per month
  • Purchasing School Supplies for $100 for each child – school supplies, school clothes, bag, etc. and one semester tuition for each child that has yet to find a sponsor.
  • Buying beds for $200 each (set of three bunk beds)
  • Staffing a medical clinic for $250 each
  • Building a home for $25,000 each
  • Much more!

If each of us spread the word to our friends and those friends continued to spread the news, we could greatly increase the number of supporters and the number of children we can care for.

With your help, we can raise awareness about our cause and help provide the children with hope for their future.

For more information on being a volunteer or planning a trip to Uganda, contact us at 972-307-5433 or email info@christianlifeministries.org.