Lira Uganda Village

Did You Know?

Lira is the fourth largest town in Uganda.

Rescuing the Next Generation

Located 4 hours outside of the Ugandan capital, Lira was once a quiet commercial center. But not that long ago, peaceful Lira was ripped apart by rebel armies and bloodthirsty hordes who slaughtered the old and abducted the young. Happy children were turned into vicious child soldiers and tranquil Lira was transformed into bloody killing fields. Now, in the aftermath of this butchery, Lira is picking up the pieces. Christian Life Ministries’ Lira Orphan Village is a major part of this restoration. Here, in Lira, we have built homes where homeless orphans are given a fresh start. Most of these children come from crowded displacement camps. Many have been rescued from the brutal influences of the rebel bands. Each child has a story. And now each child has a home.

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