House Moms

Did You Know?

Uganda consists of three main ethnic groups: Bantu, Nilotic and Nilo-Hamitic.

How Orphans Become Leaders

To tackle the growing orphan epidemic, the Uganda’s quick fix has been to place these homeless children in compounds where they can be neatly warehoused and protected from the elements. Christian Life Ministries has a different solution. Rather than constructing dormitories we have built homes. Rather than employing custodians we are training “parents.” We are training the widows of Uganda to be the nurturers of Uganda’s future. Each house mom has been equipped to care for 12 orphans.

Christian Life Ministries pays them to provide structure, parental love, discipline and health care for each child. As the children grow up, the housemother helps determine their interests and guides them into appropriate vocational training based on their individual gifts.

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