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Lira is the fourth largest town in Uganda.

Transformed Futures

img_ss_02Aidah is only 35 years old. But her life has known more sorrows than most folks could experience in two lifetimes. She lost her dad when she was barely old enough to speak. Her mom raised her and her four sisters the best she could. It was a childhood of abject poverty. Aidah was always sickly and rarely smiled. She married young hoping for a better life. Three months after her wedding her husband grew ill and died. Pregnant, Aidah returned to her mother’s crowded home. After the birth of her child, her mother forced Aidah into another marriage. This time to a man who already had one wife. Four children later, Aidah found herself and her little ones on the street again, rejected by her husband and his other family. She went to the city to look for work while her children stayed with a relative. There, she came into contact with Jackson Senyonga. Jackson and his wife, Eve, made arrangements for Aidah to find housing and medical care. Today, Aidah’s children have been reunited with her and are living together in one of the village’s orphan homes. Thanks to sponsors like you, Aidah’s children are being educated, fed and clothed. Aidah has been able to give her children something she never had. An education, structure and something else. A smile.

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