Did You Know?

Only 61% of the children under 5 receive
anti-malaria drugs when needed.

Partners Making Leaders

By becoming a Christian Life Ministries Partner (CLMP), you are doing more than sheltering a child. You are transforming a country. As a CLMP, you are funding a hunger program, a medical program, an adoption program and an educational program. Each donation touches the daily needs of orphans, widows and HIV sufferers. Without your partnership, these little lives hang in the balance.

Today, Uganda is a target nation for all Sub-Sahara Africa. The political climate is stable, the infrastructure is improving and nobody is asking for a handout. All they want is a hand up. By becoming a CLMP, you can make a difference.

As a good corporate citizen, you and your company or organization can help transform Uganda and help turn around little lives. To pledge your support, click here. Or contact us today at