Seeta Uganda Village

Did You Know?

1.2 million of Uganda’s population are HIV positive.

Where Childless Moms Embrace Motherless Children

The Seeta Orphan Village is located north of beautiful Lake Victoria, less than an hour from Uganda’s capital. We have built this caring, little community where the needs are the greatest. Seeta has a large population of single mothers infected with HIV. Many of these women have been abandoned by the very husband who infected them. Others are widowed. They care for children who have come into the world HIV positive. Oftentimes, these HIV-riddled women are forced to sell their bodies just to feed their children, which only adds to the spreading of this horrible disease.

Christian Life Ministries is taking these women off the streets and providing them an honest income. We have connected these women with the orphaned children of mothers who have succumbed to the AIDS virus. We are building them homes. We are making them families again. We are turning storm-tossed lives into peaceful homes that run as smooth as the waters of Lake Victoria.

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