House Moms

Did You Know?

Only 12% of Uganda are Muslims.

Where Orphans Find Hugs

The widows and single mothers of Seeta can be found in the alleyways of their village selling themselves just to eat. Most of these women have been diagnosed as HIV positive. Many have full-blown AIDS. They are spreading this pandemic in their effort to survive. Christian Life Ministries is taking these women off the street and providing food, shelter and medical attention. More than that, we are giving these widows and single moms an honest way to make a living and giving them hope. We are making them the guides and nurturers of Uganda’s future leaders. Each house mom is carefully trained to become the caretaker of 12 orphans. Christian Life Ministries pays them to provide structure, parental love, discipline and health care for each child. As the children grow up, the housemother helps determine their interests and guides them into appropriate vocational training based on their individual gifts.

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