Orphan Home Construction

Did You Know?

Only 20% of Ugandans have access to medical care.

Building Homes that Rebuild Lives

Christian Life Ministries is making a lasting change in the lives of orphans. Today, we have constructed 88 homes that are full of love and stability. Our goal is to complete another 100 homes by the close of 2009. With your help, we can do this and more. Our master vision is to provide the widows and orphans of Uganda with 500 homes total.

Each home we build accommodates 12 children. These children are overseen by a trained housemother. Your gift connects homeless orphans with the kind of care that can redirect their futures. These orphans will receive parental love, discipline, medical care, and an education.

You Provide the Home. We Provide the Love.

One of these 4-room homes can be built today for just $25,000. If you provide a roof over the heads of these homeless children, we will provide the love. Plus, we will recognize your sponsorship of a home by naming the home in your honor.

You can also sponsor a child for $60 per month or partially for $30 per month. This will ensure that the children get ongoing food, medical attention, school tuition, clothing, etc.

If You Can’t Sponsor the Building, then Sponsor the Upkeep.

In addition to the necessary funds to build these orphan homes, we need people willing to sponsor the ongoing maintenance costs. For just $100 a month, your regular donation can pay for repairs, painting, household provisions and more.

If you would like to sponsor the members of this life-changing orphan village,click here. Or contact us today at sponsors@christianlifeministries.org.