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Only 12% of Uganda are Muslims.

Transformed Forever

img_ss_01This is Josephine. She has been one of our house moms since 2006. But her life was once far less predictable. As a teenager, she was thrust into an unhappy marriage. During her marriage she became engulfed in a world of wild superstitions and African witchcraft. Soon, Josephine found her mind unhinged and her body unable to sleep. After giving birth to five children, her husband threw Josephine and her children out of his house. Many years passed, while she worked odd jobs to provide for her children. Haunted by her occultist past and still unable to sleep, Josephine began to attend a local church. Soon, she was able to sleep through the night. Not long after this she heard of Transforming Uganda’s Orphan Villages. We took her and her children in. Today, she is one of our most dedicated house moms.

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