The Uganda Crisis

Did You Know?

Over half of Uganda’s population
is under 15 years of age.

Up From the Ashes

Breathtaking Uganda. As the source of the River Nile, Uganda was once known as the “Pearl of Africa.” This splendid land of lush green rainforests and crocodile – filled eddies rises to majestic, snow-capped peaks and glorious, cascading waterfalls. But in recent years, Uganda is better known for its turbulence, pestilence and a burgeoning young population.

Located where the East African savannah meets the West African jungle, Uganda has experienced the ravages of brutal governments in the past, bloody wars and life-destroying pandemics. AIDS and machetes have hacked away the beauty of this once splendorous country. The Ugandan Ministry of Health calculates that 920,000 of the 23-million population are HIV positive. Most of these are children. Worst of all, only 20% of the country has access to medical care.

Today, over half of Uganda’s population is under 15 years of age. Many of these youngsters have been orphaned because of these bloody wars and rampant diseases. For the same reasons, Uganda also has a growing population of widows. Tragically, the nation has no ability to tackle these issues such humongous national issues.

That is why Christian Life Ministries is mobilizing corporate citizens, like you, to fuel a transformation of epic proportions. Through Christian Life Ministries, you can connect motherless children to caring mothers. You can help provide the housing, resources, and training that transforms needy widows and single moms into productive house parents. These women will provide Ugandan orphans the discipline and education necessary to transform them into productive citizens. Then these young leaders, in time, will perform the last piece of this wondrous transformation. They will become the leaders of a future Uganda — a country that the world will once again be known as the “Pearl of Africa.”

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