Christian Life Church

After serving under his pastor for several years, in 1995, Pastor Jackson Senyonga heard God say, “move to the capital city of Uganda and start a church, I will use your obedience to touch the city, nation and beyond.” After he heard this, he and his wife, Pastor Eve engaged in an intense prayer and fasting season. They consulted with their pastor, got his blessing and moved to Kampala with 7 other people. When they got to Kampala, they launched a 30-day outdoor crusade, sharing the gospel with anyone who would listen. It became clear that God had already moved in the city, because Christian Life Church grew from 7 people to 2,000 in two weeks! Within ten months, 7,000 people called Christian Life Church their church home. We have continued to grow over the last 20+ years and with that growth our mission has become more real and more tangible; “Transform the world through the power of Jesus Christ”. What started with one heart has now gone on to be shared with countless others. 

Top Radio

In 1998 we started TOP Radio. It was the first Christian media outlet anywhere in the country. At the time there were only 5 radio stations and most of them where owned by the government. Through the grace of God, we were able to launch it and today it has expanded to the largest privately owned media house in the country; with TOP radio, TOP TV, Kampala FM, and Rhino FM. We run programs like prayer hour, lunch hour, Christian talk shows, sermons, wedding events and many more. Through the media house we have seen the development of people, the raising talents, creation of jobs and transformation in many lives and in the country.

Our Current Project: Code High School

Code high school is located north of beautiful Lake Victoria, less than an hour from Uganda’s capital. We have built this caring, little community where the needs are the greatest.

In order to steer the school towards minimum operational costs, the school charges affordable tuition to parents with means to afford this discounted tuition structure (compared to other strong schools) but the school gives free education to poor children and orphans who would love to have quality education but unable to afford it.

If you would like to offer a scholarship for a child and change their destiny please, click here. Or contact us today at donations@christianlifeministires.org.

A Glimpse of Our Current Project:
The High School Campus